At Jada Light you can buy LED products for many purposes and in many forms. Click on the pictures to see more products under each category.

230V - Outdoor

Jada String Light, Jada Intense Light, Jada EXTEND Light, Jada Icicle Light, Jada Flash Light, Jada Glow Light, Jada Ropelight, Jada Accessories Outdoor, Blachere Outdoor

230V - Indoor

Jada String Light, Jada Intense Light, Jada Accessories Indoor, Blachere Indoor


Jada String Light, Jada Accessories 36V


Jada Pixel Light, DMX Spots & Lights products, Jada Accessories Pixel Light

3D motifs

Christmas, animals, top stars for trees, fiberglass motifs, decoration, polygonal

2D motifs

2D Top Stars, Fiberglass Motifs

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